Empowering young female athletes to excel on and off the lacrosse field with our innovative girls’ lacrosse training. We provide individual and customized attention through private and small group sessions.


Unlocking the Fierce and the Fun:
Girls’ Lacrosse Training

We believe that learning and fun go hand in hand! We understand that for young athletes, the best way to grasp new skills and concepts is through engaging and enjoyable experiences. That’s why we’ve designed our lacrosse training sessions to be both educational and entertaining, ensuring that every athlete has a blast while mastering the sport.

Individual Skills Training

Love to Lax Individual Skills Training is great for both beginner and advanced players.
Ages 8-17 

Small Group Skills Training

Get together 2-6 players for a small group skills training session. Have fun with your friends while improving your lax skills.
Ages 8-17 

The Power of Play

Children are naturally wired to learn through play. When they are having fun, their brains become more receptive to information, and their curiosity takes center stage. Our training sessions incorporate a variety of elements to foster a positive learning environment. Through interactive games, challenges, and friendly competitions, players develop essential skills like hand-eye coordination, teamwork, and decision-making, all while having a great time on the field.

Celebrating Progress and Achievements

We understand that an athlete’s self-esteem and confidence play a crucial role in their learning journey. To bolster their sense of accomplishment, our lacrosse training program regularly celebrates the progress and achievements of each participant. By recognizing their efforts and improvement, we motivate kids to continue striving for excellence while enjoying the process.

Engaging and Creative Drills

Traditional drills can sometimes feel monotonous, leading to disinterest and a lack of motivation. In contrast, we’ve curated an array of engaging and creative drills that add an element of excitement to our lacrosse training. By turning practice into a game-like experience, players eagerly participate and embrace the learning process. From obstacle courses that enhance agility to target-based shooting drills that boost accuracy, our training techniques captivate young minds and turn skill-building into a thrilling adventure.

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